Safety is about being one step Ahead

Troax have been operating for more than 60 years and have developed and manufactured innovative steel mesh panel solutions. Today they are the market leader and their products are to be found all over the world, protecting people, property and processes.

Your modern industrial processes are safe, when no one except authorized personnel has access to the company’s machines. Troax mesh panels for machine guarding provide maximum personal and machine safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive. Troax is a well-known name in machine guarding and machine security for the production industry in many parts of the world. The key is intelligent details which can be combined with new and old modules in well-tested systems.

Proven Strength

Step by step, we are developing the foundation of our systems – our mesh panels. Theoretical calculations are tested in our own test center. The panels are tested using energies of up to 2,500 joules, which is a very respectable level. If an accident were to happen, you should know that the panels are strong enough to keep both people and machinery safe. Every single weld can withstand a heavy blow and that makes all the difference.

In Compliance With The Machinery Directive

Troax machine guarding and machine safety products meet all the requirements set in the European Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC – requirements which your installation should meet today as well as into the future when you have supplemented or extended your machine guarding system with new mesh panels, doors and locks.

Machine Guarding

Installation Gallery

Machine Guarding
Machine Guarding - 2
Machine Guarding - 3
Machine Guarding - 4


Installation Gallery

Warehouse -1
Warehouse -2
Warehouse -3

Belt Conveyer

Installation Gallery

Conveyor Guarding

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