Multifunctional Gate Box ( MGB )

  • Guard locking with guard lock monitoring
  • 2 OSSD Safety Outputs and 4 Monitoring Output
  • Can be connected in series with other AR
  • Emergency stop according to ISO 13850
  • Locking Force 2000 N
  • Up to 4 pushbuttons (illuminated)
  • With cable entry & With escape release
  • Unicode

Safety Relays and Safety Controllers

  • Easy to program and multifunctional in use
  • Compact housing for all modules saves space in the control cabinet
  • Various diagnostics features – can be read easily on the front, in detail in the software
  • Maximum safety (PL e, category 4)
  • Connection of a large number of safety-related devices
  • Less wiring work
  • Can be expanded easily and quickly

Safety Switches

  • Safety Switch with Positive Driven Contacts
  • Various range of Actuating Head Plastic/Metal/Twin
  • Auxiliary release on the front
  • With/Without door monitoring contact
  • With/Without Locking
  • Various locking force to suite different applications

RFIDs - Safety Locking and Non-Contact Switch

  • Safety switch with integrated evaluation electronics
  • Locking force up to 4000N / 6500 N / 8000 N available
  • Non-Contact range of Safety switches
  • Up to 20 switches in series
  • Short circuit monitoring
  • 2 safety outputs (semiconductor outputs)
  • Category 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1

Safety Rope Pull Switch

  • EMERGENCY STOP device with detent mechanism according to EN ISO 13850
  • Indication of correct rope tension
  • Switching elements with 4 switching contacts
  • 100N/175N/300N with Plastic / Metal Housing Availabl

Safety Emergency Stop Switch

  • Head with red 40mm dia & 44mm dia
  • Contact Block Monitoring
  • Can be locked using Padlock
  • Reset by turning or pulling
  • Illuminated and without Illumination available

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