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Was indeed Anti-Sex Bedrooms Strung in the 2020 Olympics?

Was indeed Anti-Sex Bedrooms Strung in the 2020 Olympics?


The new Olympic Town is using sleep structures created from effect-unwilling cardboard to the 2020 Olympics. This type of beds had been designed in an attempt to make the Olympics significantly more environmentally friendly, not to ever avoid athletes away from sex. Such beds try tough and certainly will easily secure the weight out-of a couple of average-size of some body.


In es were put off because of the COVID-19 pandemic), an effective rumor started releasing into social network your professional athletes would be sleep to the “anti-sex” bedrooms on the Olympic Village:

Although not, talking about perhaps not anti-sex bedrooms; capable easily contain the weight out-of a couple of mediocre-size of anyone, plus they don’t crack which have any abrupt path. The brand new meme do truthfully claim that these bedrooms are made of cardboard and they would be reprocessed pursuing the video game.

Brand new Olympic Community have a credibility (even though perhaps an unfair one to) to be a good hotbed of sexual facts. In 2016, the fresh new Protector stated that nearly an one half million condoms had been offered for the professional athletes during the summer video game in the Rio de Janeiro.

Seventeen days, 10,500 athletes, 33 venues, and 450,one hundred thousand condoms. Which is just how many camisinhas (absolutely nothing tees into the Brazilian slang) are now being provided by the new Around the world Olympics Panel towards the 2016 Rio Summer Online game.